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About Us

Our organization exists to provide accessible care, with quality care approach in the treatment of patients diagnosed with post concussion syndrome. At Alberta Concussion Centre, we use a multidisciplinary approach in the overall treatment of concussion patients. While making use of latest scientific researches, our goal is to offer a robust and complete assessment, evaluation and rehabilitation of individuals diagnosed with a head injury and concussion as a result of motor vehicle accidents, sports and domestic accidents.

Our Services


Our aim is to help people of all ages restore and maintain their overall strength, function, movement and well being. Our Therapists provide personalized treatment plan for every patient, adapted to their respective needs.

Massage Therapy

As an important part of human maintenance plan, massage therapy helps to reduce or eliminate body pains and overall improvement of joint mobility and lymphatic drainage. Our Therapists have specialized training in concussion management.


Majority of concussion patients are expected to heal in a short amount time. For those symptoms that linger, our neuropsychologist helps to provide specialized plan to address both physical and mental health.
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